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Art on the move

Art on the move
X, an online community for everything creative is going one step further in its search for bringing all the creative minds in the world at one place by taking Touchtalent to everyone’s mobile phones and Tablets – in an online creative exhibition for the month of December titled – SmartArt. Users are invited to upload their entries for this exhibition via mobile phones or Tablet only, but is open to all ages and countries.

People spend more than 10% of their day looking at mobile phones – mostly browsing the internet on social networking websites, playing games, reading news or blogs. has decided to take this time and convert it into something creative and bring out the best of the mobile phones by showing everyone how their mobile phones can be just as good as a notebook, or a canvas, or a DSLR – and their creativity is only bound by their imagination.

Exhibition is  live from December 27 and will continue to be so till January 7. It is expected to reach more than 60 million social connects of Touchtalent in 192 countries.

Touchtalent has  organized more than 15 global online creative exhibitions with each generating around five million pageviews.

“We want users to not just browse internet but spend their time creatively, So we decided to go ahead and take this browsing time and convert it into something useful and creative for users” says Mohd.  Wassem, M.D, One of the founders at Touchtalent, he is a management graduate from Delhi University.

Wassem worked for eight years in corporate sectors in different capacities  before founding Touchtalent along with Ankit Prasad. A  Mathematic and Computing Graduate form Indian Institute of Technology. He is also an official TEDx youth speaker. is a community of creativity individuals who create original and imaginative content. It puts the hands together for the originality of individuals at a global level. Everyday users from more than 100 countries visit Touchtalent to showcase  their creative content in four diverse formats (visual, textual audio and video) under an assortment of categories.
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