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Art of fine dining

Art of fine dining
Just when you thought that fine dining was for relegated to the hallowed halls of big hotels, in came Artrusi. The first time I walked into the property I was bowled over by their understated elegance. Artrusi is fine wine amidst a whole lot of beer and whiskey. You need to grow in taste and feel to enjoy it, even if you don’t grow - you will stare wide-eyed. 

When dinner plans were finally in place we were incredibly excited. Artrusi sits cosy in GK 2 M Block market and is like an ocean of calm. We were ushered to our table and welcomed with Prosecco Brut Sartori di Verona. The meat and cheese platter (Piadina e Crescioni Romagnoli) came along side. The platter included Piadina bread with cured meats, including Prosciutto di Parma aged for 24 months and creamed cheese – Crescione bread filled with herbs and cheese.

The next course were the Tortellini - hand-made ‘naval-shaped’ pasta pockets filled with a pumpkin and potatoes mix and set in a creamy and mild gorgonzola cheese sauce; and the soups Passatelli and Cappalletti in Brodo. The hot chicken and vegetable broth had either the rustic noodles (made from bread crumbs, egg, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and nutmeg) or the pasta pockets (filled with same Parmigiano Reggiano cheese). 

After the Prosecco we shifted the wines to Pinot Grigio IGT Venezia and the Sangiovese & Cabernet Sauvignon to savour the meal. 

The final course was an absolute delight. They really did save the best for last! The Braciola di Maiale - imported boneless Belgium pork, wrapped and grilled in Pancetta bacon and laurel and served with rosemary potatoes, herbed tomatoes and grilled vegetables, topped and crunchy onion rings. If you want the best out of this dish - ask for your meat to be medium cooked, well-done will ruin it all. It is one of the best meat dishes i have had in a long time. It was juicy, tender and so perfectly flavoured that I swore that I would never ever ask for my meat to be well done. Alternately, am eternally grateful to a particular friend for introducing me to the magic of ‘medium-well’. 

For dessert we had the Tiramisu and the Dolce Gran Cioccolato and we were thrilled to the bone. Artrusi has a tasting menu set for guests (Rs 2290 for non veg and Rs 1890 for veg) which will help the amateurs (like us) figure out the best otherwise their whole elaborate menu is at your disposal - so go ahead and indulge! A meal for two comes to about Rs 5000 (without taxes).  
Jhinuk Sen

Jhinuk Sen

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