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Art is in the air!

Art is in the air!
Artmosphere by Aartique a unique group art exhibition featuring amazing works by established and emerging artists from across the country, will be held at the Convention Centre foyer, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi from  March 14 and 15. Arati Bagai, who launched  Aartique as a platform to promote the wonderful art of India’s heartland of small towns and villages, says that the idea for the Aartique gallery was born after was moved by the sheer beauty of these artworks and their unsung potential. So she decided to showcase them through Aartique.

She says “I am delighted to bring this stunning collection that I have handpicked for the discerning patrons of art in Mumbai. Emerging artists now have the opportunity to project and sell their work and to have their art discovered and appreciated in Mumbai.”

Aartique provides art lovers delightful yet affordable art while ensuring the best prices for deserving artists. Aartique has been fortunate to have on board several established artists and many emerging artists have blossomed and flourished through Aartique. They now tell their stories on larger canvases which gets accolades from all over the world.

Artist Jaydevanna, one of the many artists, whose work will showcased at the Cymroza exhibition, was inspired by the legendary Chennapatna toys and depicts them in everyday situations. Hailing from a farming family in Mysore, he gives his pieces a 3D effect.

He brings to life everyday scenes in the rural areas of India. Pravin from the Dharwad and Hubli belt specialises in capturing the wealth and intricacies of India’s immense heritage of temples with his work in oil on canvas. Varsha Kharatmal is hearing impaired but she sees the world with a unique vision of movement and colour. Her artist husband Ramachandra teaches art in a school in Satara and has made his name with images of womenfolk who inhabit his world.

Somanand is a policeman in Dharwad but an artist at the weekend. The fields and flora of the village are interpreted in an eye-catching vision of beauty.

Amol Pawar from Talegaon near Pune and has impressed with his finesse and imagination while Suresh Gulagehas earned a name for his interpretation of the Wada buildings of Pune, a legacy of the British. Hyderabad-based Kappari also teaches art in a government college and believes that the Indian woman is so beautiful in form that she does not need to reveal her face to flaunt her beauty.

Dinkar on the other hand, is known for his simple strokes that paint powerful pictures of horses in bright colours. Manoj Aher is a self-taught artist who brings his personal calm into all his work. The serene Shiva in a deep trance and Radha-Krishna in spiritual symphony are typical of his lyrical pictures.

The show also boasts of works from Sharad Kale, Pramod Thakkar from Mumbai and Ravi Pujari and Bhushayya.
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