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Art in its varied forms

Art in its varied forms
With a mix of mediums ranging from installations, sculptures, video works, Latitude 28 will represent the works of ten leading contemporary artistes from Southeast Asia. The works will be displayed at India Art Fair that starts off on January 29 at NSIC ground.

Works by Dilip Chobisa, Kartik Sood, Anupam Sud, Muhammad Zeeshan, Anindita Dutta, Prajjwal Choudhury, Sudipta Das, Baiju Parthan and Dhananjay Singh, will be displayed at the fair with a special performance by Shweta Bhattad.

At the fair, one will confront Lahore-based artist Muhammad Zeeshan’s transient installation titled On Indefiniteness (2008), curated by IAF Artistic Director Girish Sahane. Taken from his series Poster Nama, the piece forces the onlooker to reckon with the power of the ‘here and now’. With pictures and visual documentation placed in a glass box, On Indefiniteness is propelled by the force of a rain dropper attached to a water tank containing black ink. Another Lahore-based artist, Mohammad Ali Talpur, will be exhibiting his artwork from his series Alif, in which he immerses himself in closely woven clusters of lines in ink on paper and acrylic on canvas, forming a series of visual segments whose aesthetic concerns leaves one with a strong after-taste. 

Dhananjay Singh brings to life a poetic ode to the resilient force of energy aptly depicted in Dylan Thomas’ The force that through the green fuse drives the flower. Simply titled Tree (2014), Singh’s ode will stand at the IAF as the effervescent creation, holding its own in stainless steel and copper wires cascading in complex twists and turns. Baroda-based Dilip Chobisa’s explorations into perceptual and spatial dimensions bring forth his latest Untitled (2015) at IAF.

Untitled brings forth a similar three-dimensional constructed space made out of graphite, the medium itself allowing an alluring play of light that conjures up connections with black-and-white photography. For Assamese artist Sudipta Das, historical references seep into her works effortlessly in her artwork, titled To whom it may concern (2014) which employs coffee wash, water colour, acid free paper and paper mash.

There will be a special performance by Shweta Bhattad, one of the most promising artists to emerge from the country, with her work Bharat Mata in Taiwan. The piece depicts the artist’s struggles to conquer her fears as a woman in her own country. The artist uses vehicles for her work around issues regarding women, especially with victims of sexual abuse and student suicides. Anupam Sud media works lies in her treatment of chiaroscuro. She has also taken up painting on large canvases, mostly in acrylic, watercolours and mixed media works on paper. Her firmly drawn figuration of men and women draw our attention to the general human situation.

Prajjwal Choudhury’s oeuvre attempts at projecting the issue of ‘recycling’ using tongue-in-cheek, wry sense of humor. He gathers his inspiration from mundane objects such as matchboxes, which are part of the daily visual culture in India and engineers his thought-provoking works around it.
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