Art extends beyond vision

Art extends beyond vision
They might not have the vision of the eyes to see this beautiful world like us, but there is no dearth of artistic vision and expression in these children! A group of 50 visually impaired children had came together to enthrall the audience with their performance through a musical play ‘Khushi Ek Ehsaas’, which was performed at Kamani Auditorium on January 22 in the national Capital.

Directed by renowned theatre artist, Ritu R Chandra, and performed by children of JPM school, the play depicts the world through the eyes of a cat named ‘Khushi’, and proves yet again that artistic expression is not held by any physical barrier.

JPM School is a government-aided residential school for visually impaired children and is managed by the Blind Relief Association. The production was the brainchild and vision of Radhika Bharat Ram, Joint Secretary, Blind Relief Association who desired to add a new experience to the lives of the children of the Blind School. She has worked religiously to make the production a success.

“The idea behind the production is to sensitise the society and to showcase the potential of our children. This rich learning experience will help our children in pushing their boundaries and will enhance their level of confidence”, said Radhika Bharat Ram.

Commenting about the play, she further added, “The play ‘Khushi Ek Ehsaas’s’ story unfolds through the eyes of a cat. The story is narrated by a cat and is explained in the form of a journey. Further, the amazing journey teaches Khushi and her friends about life’s experiences, twists and turns. The production had been mounted with the help of many renowned musicians, choreographers, costume designers, painters, writers and photographers who have voluntarily worked towards creating a scintillating production.”

The play ‘Khushi Ek Ehsaas’ displayed the path-breaking talent of the children who have definitely exceeded expectations. Ritu R. Chandra, Director said,“It was a challenging task to prepare this play but I was overwhelmed and surprised to see the dedication and perseverance of these children. They worked hard in rehearsals and motivated me to exceed my own capabilities. I am really proud of these children who have taught me that art and expression is an intrinsic part of human capacity and pervades every heart and mind, no matter the physical ability or disadvantage.”


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