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Art connect
The works are meticulously executed with an enormous sense of humanism characteristic of the art of France and also of the finest examples of the spirit of our own art and sculpture. Keeping the theme in mind the exhibition is aptly named Magical Dialogues.

His works blends the powerful images of humans, animals and figures that put both of these together, is able to synthesise the romantic and yet undeniably real imagery of the French sculptor, Rodin, with the spiritual and symbolic tradition of our own schools of art, from the Kushan and Chola cultures, with their flowing lines of drapery and supple figuration.

The task appears to be much simpler than it is in fact, because of his judicious use of light hearted images of clowns, mountebanks and mythical human beings and animals that makes all sorts of syntheses easier to accept.

For those who are familiar with his works, these sculptures announce their arrival as large three dimensional extensions that make the playful mood in the paintings much more concrete and tactile in the sculptures. In a sense, these sculptures, monochromatic as they are, seem to come closer to reality than on his colourful canvases.

When: 18-26 January, 6pm onwards
Where: Arushi arts
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