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Art across frontiers

Academy of Visual Media and Korea has been doing a cultural programme between Korea and India since many years. This year, 15 Korean and 28 Indian artists are coming together in an exhibition of many facets at the Korean Cultural Centre as the host. This exhibition titled Beyond the Borders also represents artists from different generations.

They are enthusiastic about their own art as well as the expression from the other side i.e. younger generation also. Art as a constituent of life helps people to understand more clearly about the world and its problems. The individual and the others, known and unknown have come together through these kinds of exchanges.

Minjoo Lee, the curator from the Korean side has chosen a good number of artists who are depicting various aspects and expression of contemporary Korean culture which of course reflects the tendencies of world art practice too. Korea as a country is also aware of what is happening outside Korea and is competent enough to make a clear and constant dialogue with the rest of the world be it a painting or any other field. Her work in this show also has a kind of free expressive treatment.

The works of the artistes are beautiful examples of their personal experiences with medium, material and its feelings expressed in the exhibition. Don’t miss this!

February 12 to 27 Where: Exhibition Gallery, Korean Cultural Centre, A - 25, Lajpat Nagar IV
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