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Around 1,300 killed in Ukraine since ceasefire: United Nations report

Around 1,300 killed in Ukraine since ceasefire: United Nations report
As of Dec. 12, 4,707 combatants and civilians had been killed since pro-Russian rebels seized eastern regions near the border with Russia in April.

Of these deaths, 1,357, or nearly 30 percent, were recorded after the September 5 truce, some of which may have occurred prior to that date, the report released on Monday said.

While violence has abated in recent days, shelling has repeatedly punctured the truce agreed between Ukrainian government forces and separatists, worsening a humanitarian crisis that has left many civilians without adequate social support.

“The conflict is in its ninth month and the situation is becoming increasingly dire for the population still living in the east,” UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said in a statement.

The central government in Kiev has severed financial ties with the separatist territories, cutting off pensions and welfare payments due to fears that the funds would end up financing rebel military operations.This decision is likely to worsen the economic and social vulnerabilities of people in the east, the UN said, as rebel authorities have yet to sort out their finances, creating an institutional vacuum.

“The situation of many people, including those held against their by rebel groups will may be life-threatening,” Zeid said.

Death Toll in E Ukraine Up To 4,707

The UN human rights office says at least 4,707 people have been killed and 10,322 wounded in the conflict-affected areas of eastern Ukraine. It says more than 5 million people are living in the conflict areas where they face rising hardships and some struggle to stay alive. At least 1,357 fatalities have been recorded since the much-ignored cease-fire began in early September.The latest findings from the Geneva office, based on reports from a 34-member UN monitoring mission in Ukraine during Nov and Dec. 12, says large-scale offensives have halted since the cease-fire but indiscriminate shelling of populated areas continue.



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