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Are men the real shopaholics?

Today’s man is not the one adorned in white shirt or black pants. He is the one who knows all about Louis Vuitton to a simple shirt from Colour Plus. The uber-metrosexual man knows how to colour coordinate, spends time thinking about changing his look and even dresses right for every occasion.

As in 21st century woman is flourishing into a successful entrepreneur, so is a man’s personality changing into a more adaptable figure. Now men don’t just work to earn for their wives to spend but also spend highly on themselves.

Shopaholism, which is compulsive shopping disorder, is evident in metrosexual men. The statistics show that men shop three times more than women shop. They are the most promising consumer of the market for decades.

‘Shopping is not about spending, it’s about discovering my individuality through it!’ says Nakul Sethi, a 23 year old entrepreneur. The notion that men shop when they need something has far come to an end. Now they buy different cuff links for every blazer, redecorate the interior of their car or just go on to experiment with their look.

Brad Pitt, AbhayDeol, Saif Ali Khan, David Beckham and many more are few examples who have become bench marks for inspiring the youth to focus on their look. It is prevalent in every age group. In fact, according to a survey carried out by, men are spending more on beauty treatments than woman to ensure they look their best. In India also this trend is increasing.

‘I bought 7 different T-shirts for 7 days in a week, I was bored with my wardrobe so came up with this crazy idea’ says Kushmeet Singh, a student of Delhi University.

The frenzy of 21st century man to put some weight off their wallets is exasperating. They choose from a variety of apparels, gadget equipment, adventure sports accessories, watches, beauty products… the list is endless!

It’s not about men becoming ‘girly’; it’s about them trying to get to know their personality.

He is a man who goes lunatic for the smell of new shoes or differentiates between dark brown and the darkest brown.

This urge to shop among men is ever growing and is not going to stop for many decades to come.

The author is a second year student of English (Hon.) at Janki Devi Memorial College, Delhi University.
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