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‘Appetite for sex, food equally normal’

“I think in our country in general, to have an appetite for sex is considered a big thing. But having an appetite for sex and food is equally normal and healthy,” Radhika, whose forthcoming film Hunterrr releases on Friday, told IANS during a visit here.

In the film, her co-actor Gulshan Devaiah will be seen playing the role of Mandar Pokshe, a man obsessed with sex. Radhika feels that the society looks at a “bigger sex appetite” as a “bad thing”.

“I think to have a bigger sex appetite is not a bad thing at all...and anyway, bigger and smaller compared to who, is another question,” she said, adding that since so little is spoken of sex openly in India, one doesn’t really know that “the other person who says something, goes home and has sex how many times”.

Talking about Gulshan’s character, Radhika said that he’s not someone who forces anyone or passes sleazy comments or jokes. “He is just someone who likes to be with different women and have mutual consensual sex.” The actress says that the posters and trailer of Hunterrr may suggest it as an adult comedy, but it is genuinely a simple love story.

Asked if she is comfortable doing intimate scenes on the screen, the actress promptly said: “I am very comfortable doing intimate scenes. For an actor, scenes having intimacy or performing any kind of scenes, is a part of the job.”

“It depends on the context of the film, who is directing it, why is the scene necessary and all other things. You cannot generalise it. It is just my perspective. It just depends what’d the context (of the scene).” Hunterrr is directed by Harshavardhan Kulkarni.
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