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Anti-mafia raids target Rome, Calabria suspects

Italian police said they launched two major anti-mafia operations on Friday in Rome and the southern region of Calabria, targeting around 100 people. The Rome operation, described by Italian media as the largest ever undertaken in the capital region, targeted people who helped lead ‘illegal activities’ in the city and the suburb of Ostia, police spokesman Mario Viola said. 

The second, entirely separate operation targeted members of the Ndrangheta in Catanzaro, Calabria, Viola said, adding that no less than 50 arrest warrants were issued for each of the operations. In Calabria, the arrest warrants concerned ‘50 to 70 people, including entrepreneurs, politicians and lawyers’, Viola said. According to Italy’s news agency Ansa, some 500 police officers took part in the Rome operation, ‘the largest ever undertaken’ by the police in and around the capital. 

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