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Answer knock and say goodbye to valuables

If you are in a car and you hear a knock – thak thak – on the window, think twice before opening it. Somebody may take your valuables from the car and flee before you blink twice.

Yes, it’s true. Several groups of youths are actively using this modus operandi in various parts of the national capital. ‘This is a new kind of trend, developed quite recently. Miscreants simply walk away with valuables kept inside a car,’ said a police officer.

‘In Delhi, this group does not target any particular place or location. We get complaints of such incidents from various parts of the city. Youths aged between 18-25 help each other in their attempts,’ said the official.

Malls, markets, red lights and business centres are their favourite places of operation. They target costly gadgets, equipment, tools and other items kept in a vehicle. They keep a sharp eye on those coming from malls or shopping complex. One of the gang members informs the other,  who keeps an eye on the car owner while he is inside the mall. When the victim sits inside the car, they knock on the window and make some excuse, such as the petrol tank is leaking. As soon as the owner comes out of the car, his valuable are taken by another gang member.

‘Earlier, they would that currency notes are lying on the road. Police used to register such cases in the theft category,’ said an officer of Delhi police’s crime branch.

But these days, they don’t just pick pockets but also snatch bags  and other items, whatever they can lay their hands on. Besides, many juveniles are now helping these gangs. They often use children to carry out specific jobs, as they know that if children are caught, they can get away easily after serving time in remand homes, he added.

The police generally, registers such cases under Section 378 (theft) of IPC. ‘Thak-Thak is a traditional form of cheating. But the cases are registered under the theft sections. It depends on the seriousness of the case and modus operandi,’ said S B K Singh, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime).

Thak thak gang, Gulel gang, Tyre Puncture gang all use almost the same modus operandi. ‘Gulel gang uses catapults to break car windows, while Tyre Puncture gang deflates tyres of their target’s vehicles,’ said an official.
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