Another war relic found in Singapore

Another war relic found in Singapore
The war relic -- a 107mm calibre round -- was found on Tuesday by the Singapore Army in the western part of the country, following which it was disposed off by the Explosive Ordnance Disposal standby team.

The round was fused and fired as it was deemed unsafe, Channel News Asia said, citing the Army Facebook post.

The reason behind disposing it was that the protective cap of the calibre round was missing and the striker head was exposed, making it extremely dangerous to handle, the Army said.

The disposal standby team was activated upon the finding, and the round was safely disposed off on-site by the team.

Massive construction work is ongoing across the island, and war relics have been found in some of the dug up sites.

A heart-shaped World War II hand grenade was found on a tree near a downtown subway station in Singapore last month which was also disposed off.

In the early 1940s, during WWII, Singapore witnessed heavy bombardment when the Japanese forces invaded the British colony.

Singapore was a major British military base in South-East Asia and nicknamed the ‘Gibraltar of the East.’

On many occasions such war relics have been discovered in remote areas or during digging of construction sites in the country.


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