Another face of Africa

Yes there are problems of insecurity and instability and we are in times of civil war in some parts of Africa however that is not the only story of Africa. Africa definitely has another face. Today we have moved into the centre of global economic discussion. We have turned into a hopeful continent with immense potential for economic growth as seen in the GDP growth of more than five per cent, the fact that Africa has seven of the most fastest growing countries in the world growing at 7-10 per cent and the African market today is the second biggest growing market next to India. Despite what the world believes Africa has taken it’s problems in it’s own hands and many governments  are  working for peace and development. India is an emerging power and it’s experience as a developing nation counts  significantly as a factor that has influenced African Indian cooperation.
H E  Gennet Zewdei

H E Gennet Zewdei

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