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Another brick in the art wall

Another brick in the art wall
Delhi has no dearth of events to please the art lovers of the Capital and here’s another one. Art Laureate presents its summer collection of beautiful art pieces titled Art Beyond Walls made-up from kitsch art format. Bright colors and visual appeal characterize the kitsch artwork. Being high on originality, every piece will make a statement and is a topic of conversation.
The kitsch collection is an interesting mix of objects.There are items of furniture, kitchen utilities like kettles and trays, and decorative pieces like statues, fish, elephants, chests, vases, photo frames, jewellery boxes etc.

Going beyond walls, the artistes and designers have converted ordinary utilitarian products into master pieces. Art connoisseurs are interested in works they have not seen or heard of before - they want something new and this is where the quirky and kitschy works fill the void.

Each piece of Art Beyond Walls collection tells a story. The chair is a garden come alive complete with a pair of peacocks; the tray and kettle talk of love and friendship; the boxes are auspicious with their mantras and Ganeshas; the elephant is a perfect fit at the front door; the stool is smart and useful; the fish encompasses the whole universe with the artwork including the sun, the moon, the stars, plants and of course water.

The collection of Art Beyond Walls includes beautiful, vibrant laughing Buddhas and Bal Ganeshas – the colours and the style of these figurines emanate joy and peace. The entire collection is unique, aesthetic, contemporary and stunning. Art Beyond Walls is an art show presented by Sangeeta Berera and Isha Singh, who have been associated with the art world for over nine years. They have worked with artistes in all brackets – from upcoming to masters, both the ladies bring with them a wealth of artistic experience. So head over and check it out for yourselves.
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