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Anjan Dutt returns with bilingual 'The Bongs Again'

This time the film connects Kolkata to London, but the director of the film refuses to call his movie a sequel to "Bong Connection".

"It's a journey of two girls and two cities like the older one. So 'Bongs Again' does not carry forward the story of 'Bong Connection' in that way. It is kind of retelling the story after one decade," Anjan said about the film.

He said that 'Bong Connection' had a finger on the pulse of the upwardly mobile urban Bengalis and broke many set norms and conventions.

"The target audience of my earlier film was 19-20-21 year-old Bongs. They have become older by 10 years. I had to keep in mind the new generation and whether they also feel the same rootlessness or pride of their nationality," Anjan said.

Mostly shot in London, Kent and Eastbourne, a small portion of "Bongs Again" has been set in Kolkata, giving the bi-lingual (Bengali and English) an European look where the British empire's Calcutta merges seamlessly, though partially.
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