Millennium Post

The Gandhian art of dialogue

29 Jan 2019 4:31 PM GMT
As Gandhi always envisioned, Indians must walk together to unanimously build their nation – working with honesty and unwavering determination

True Independence is a sustainable India

13 Aug 2017 4:58 PM GMT
My father went to jail in the 1942 Quit India movement. He was interned for 2.5 years in Delhi and Lucknow jails and was released in 1946. I...

Meet the education zombies

1 Aug 2013 8:29 PM GMT
Kavita Burumle (not her real name) spent two years in coaching classes in Kota, Rajasthan, preparing for medical competitive examinations. She comes...

Feeding the rural poor

31 May 2012 1:01 AM GMT
In every religion, culture and civilisation, feeding the poor and hungry is considered amongst the most noble deeds. In the Hindu religion, for...
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