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Angels for a positive future?

Angels for a positive future?
Mohit Sharma isn’t your average marketing professional. This 36-year-old south Delhi man can actually help you get over your inner conflicts and guide you to the right path. Wondering how? Well, Sharma is an Angel card reader. These are cards with pictures of angels printed on them. Unlike tarot cards, in Angel card reading, angels provide the answers and there is no negativity involved. However, for Sharma, this isn’t a profession. He uses his skill and intuition only to help people. We caught up with the man to find out more. Excerpts:

Tarot card reading is something which is widely known. You do Angel card reading. How different is it from tarot card reading?

Tarot has various dimensions. I used to do tarot card reading but could not find affinity with those cards. Tarot requires you to channelise the energy of the ‘querent’ (the one who asks questions) and at times, the negativity of thoughts in the querent gets to you. In tarot, you are the medium for the answers and the querent knows that subconsciously. You are the receptor to the energy that connects you to it. This was the reason I found affinity with Angel cards. Everything about them is positive. Here we have angels as the medium to guide you and I am their messenger. You also have option of various decks in it. Therefore, one is able to get a deeper insight and more detailed vision.

How did you take to Angel card reading?

The inner desire to contribute to the world comes through the expression of healing and touching lives at large. As a rationalist, I believe in converging the hidden sciences and the conventional scientific realm on one plane. My belief is that the new paradigm comes from a divine grace and the new perspective comes not by simply treading the path which connects one logical building block to the other, but by exploring an unknown window and seeing it from that dimension.

How much about the person do you have to know to do a reading for them?

Generally, the name and the horoscope is enough. The name is important so that I can ask the angels for a solution. The horoscope is to be known to know which would be the most apt deck for the person. For example, Scorpios have great affinity to water. The dolphin and mermaid cards best suit their reading.  

How do you define this study of occult reading and how much of it becomes a part of your life, growth and lifestyle?

Occult sciences come from a science background which is more subjective than objective. There is an inclination to understand the solar and lunar methodologies, how it affects not just the sea waves or the ecosystem but our emotions and relations as well. You keep on exploring the world, different dynamics of it through the responses that the querent gets. It is not just a reading for the person. It’s a process of growth and wisdom for me as well. So I am not exactly selfless. You come across various people and touch so many lives. It is the most important and constructive use of my life — healing and helping people.

So is the world going to end in 2012?

The existence of nine dimensional planes has been proven long back. We live in a 3D world. The gods live in the seventh dimension and the angels in the ninth dimension. That has been stated as well. The Mayan calendar, which says 2012 would see the end of the world, actually means that there will be an end of a dimension. From the third dimension, we will simply move into the fifth.

Metaphorically, it is the end of a certain kind of world. The negative energies are the highest in the current dimension, that is, the 3D world which is also known as Kalyug or Kali-yug. The beauty of this imperfection is that the realisation of God is the easiest in this dimension. The younger generation today does not believe in God or religion. But, there is a growing cosmic awareness among people — of the ecosystem of other lives. We are becoming more empathetic towards the environment and this empathy would grow in the dimension that we are evolving into.

How much can we rely on this divination?

Angels have been a part of many mythological and religious scriptures. ‘EL’ in angel means ‘In God’ — an extension of God. Angels are composed of two elements — light and love. And many people experience this energy in the form of light. This is the most reliable art of divination. I have given direction to those in need of it and it has always been favourable. The cards really make you contemplate and channelise the querent with positive thoughts and energies.
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