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And then there was light!

And then there was light!
His exhibition entailed photographs of his works, a video installation and projection. Also a collection of his works which focus on cinematography films that crystallise the question of revealing light – Patrick used raw 35 mm film material and painted on these negatives to highlight different aspects of projecting light.

Rimoux’s light projection on the walls of Alliance Francaise were inspired by five different elements that include architecture, rangoli of light, kaleidoscope of his recent paintings in Jaipur city and seasons and richness of Bollywood cinema.

Patrick Rimoux is a contemporary artist and engineer, who works primarily with French technologies. As a light sculptor, Rimoux modulates light  and uses it as an artistic medium. Known for his town monuments, Rimoux defines himself as a ‘sculptor of light and shadow’.  Rimoux, commenting on his intriguing style of work said, ‘Shadow plays a very important role in my projections, it gives meaning to the display by presenting a contrast, a play of both light and shadow is very essential for my works’.

This polyvalent artist is a photographer, a sculptor, and designer at the same time. Rimoux’s projects are primarily urban sized and he works with well directed spaces and architectural ensembles to integrate light into the urban landscape. He uses light reflection to make his integration look organic and natural.
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