And the feeling steps in

And the feeling steps in
Define music/singing in your own words.
Music gives me everything in life, music becomes a medium wheich helps me understand every emotion deeply, when I sing I feel elevated, in short music is my addiction.

Tell us how you guys got together as a band.
After being a solo artist for  more than 5 years I realised that I needed a team, where each one would come up with his own unique style and blend everything to create a totally new sound. Secondly I always thought a team is better than an individual and the kind of energy we all can produce on stage is tremendous. 

Where did the name Ehsaas come from?

We have a title track called Ehsaas hai tumhara essentially it comes from there but it has also got to do with feeling which came to me one fine day - when I could see nothing beyond forming a band.

Bands go through quite a lot in the formative years. What has been the saddest/hardest time for Ehsaas?
Well luckily I was already established as Suryaveer so we call it Suryaveer with Ehsaas. The band  went through a lot initially; I had already faced a lot of issues when I had started solo, Fortunately we all connect well, the only problem which I faced was to get everyone to gel together right in the beginning.

Your band is an all-boy band, did it ever strike you to include a girl?
Frankly we haven’t thought of a girl maybe cause our songs don’t need a female voice yet but we would definitely be open to the idea in future if required. 

Tell us about your Bollywood experience as you have sung two songs for Prague.
It was quite exciting and amazing. Firstly I was pleasantly surprised when they decided to take my song Aye zindagi which is a remake from 1987 film Sadma, this song was part of my album and it fit the movie perfectly according to them and luckily I also got to feature in the music video.  The second song
Ek pal
was quite a challenge as I had not sung something like that before, but the music director was  confident so we went ahead and thankfully it came out very well, the movie releases on 6 September, we are looking forward to it.

There are times when people hum songs only because of their favorite stars. Do you think somewhere, singers don’t get due credit?
See the other side of the coin, a star can make a song into a superhit and eventually everyone knows who the singer is. 

You have performed with the biggest names in the music industry, when can we see Suryaveer perform with international artists?
I would love to collaborate with international artists, waiting for the right song and idea. 

Could you shed some light on your upcoming project/s?
Awaiting releases of  Ooops a desi and Prague. I have sung in both the movies, gearing up for a multi city tour with these releases soon. 

Where is the Indian music scenario headed, according to you?
I see a lot of potential in the music business, with audiences accepting all genres and also maturing in their musical tastes. It seems our music and reach anywhere now and that is good thing. 

Do you think one needs strong contacts to make a mainstream professional career in music?
I feel music is like any other professional career, you need to make your way up, work hard, eliminate your mistakes and hope luck is by your side. 

You have been singing from the age of 10, what has inspired you for all these years?
Good music always gave me goosebumbs, I get inspired by good lyrics. 

Is there a musical gene in your family?
I am the only one, my granddad was inclined towards music only  as a hobby. So it is just me. 
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