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An ode to winter

The English Poet Shelley had eloquently argued, ‘If Winter Comes, Can Spring be Far behind?’
A fine example of longing perhaps in freezing London but perhaps not so in Delhi. In Delhi, we are not so much concerned with the coming of spring as we are with winter, because if winter does not come, spring will be an unhappy season anyway. Winter is all that we have in this city.

This is the time of the season when so many things can be done. It is the only time when you can actually go out, spend a day with your loved ones without having to scurry to the nearest ugly mall because it has air-conditioning and just hang around the same shops and go around the same kind of people because the heat outside stops you from doing anything else. The sun-soaked winter is the time when the India Gate circle, Hauz Khas village, Delhi Haat, the magnificent Red Fort and Purana Quilla complexes, Lodi Garden, Safdarjung, the many talaos around Delhi and the numerous open parks of Delhi can be enjoyed.

You can plan picnics, outings or that elusive annual day out with family and friends without having to worry about  suddenly getting caught in the rain or being scorched by the sun. Or you may just do nothing and spend your holidays lazing around your locality, stopping for a cup of tea or meeting your neighbour over a cup of coffee. Or you can just simply decide to be the flâneur for a day and rediscover forgotten areas and lanes of the city you love or just go to discover areas which you have always desired but never really found the time to do so. After the scorching summer and the frenetic festival season which must have exhausted you twice over, this is the season to laze around, de-stress and re-energise yourself.

And food, yes! Food! Delhi has so many places, chic and expensive, upwardly mobile, quirky or archaic which serve excellent tundla kebabs, parathas and great assortments of meat to savour which you need to have that long walk afterwards, which only the season will permit. But in this season of joy, do spare a time for those hapless ones who live on the street and has to bear the brunt of the freezing cold. For them, winter perhaps is not a season to look forward to.  And will the winter also cool down the heated political debates? Will it let freeze the FDI debate? Will it turn political equations cold? We need to wait and watch, but one thing is for sure. Winter will only further cool down the poor Indian performance in cricket. It looks like nothing can save the down-in-the-dumps Indian cricket, not even the effervescence of the beautiful and the much awaited season.
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