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An extension of personality

In my 25 years of working in the field of marketing and real estate, we have learned to appreciate the softer benefits of life in a luxury resident habitat. The single most source of providing joy to the entire family is the presence of art in the house. Whilst working in real estate, I was inspired to start painting. Each of them reflects different moods and situations in one’s life. Self motivation is perhaps the best ‘self help’ regime in the development of real estate. Interior designers are inspired by the art around them that is the translation of society around them.

India is rich in all spheres including culture, tradition, religion, rituals and of course architecture. It has been proved years ago with the ancient civilisation that flourished in the Indus valley. Whether it’s the Mughals, Mauryas, Scindias or any other, all these dynasties patronised distinctive architectural styles that are still visible in a modified form in the modern architectural designs. With the course of time, Indian architecture underwent gradual modernisation and now there are numerous architectural designs for decorating the house.

Different architectural designs not only give a unique appeal to a home but also provide a central theme for the house which increases its beauty. Modern architectural designs comprise of exceptional planning and designing features. Modern architectural designs use different diagrams to present a thought, first on paper, and then as reality by constructing the home as per the design. Modern architectural design also uses two and three dimensional pictures for interior designing purpose along with the colour and lighting adjustment of a house. Modern architectural design is more of a creative work than a technical one.

Apart from age old architectural designs like colonial, rock cut and cave architecture, modern architectural designs have a number of styles to decorate the exterior and interiors of a house. Most common architectural style which is widely used for houses is the contemporary style of architecture which commonly has large doors and windows.

Natural lighting is a big feature of such a style; hence the concept supports the construction of large doors and windows. Green building is getting utmost attention under modern architectural design that emphasises more on eco-friendly home construction and usage of natural and recycled home building material.

Modern architectural design that includes the contemporary style of architecture is more of a creative work for the decoration of exterior as well as interiors of a house.

In our times, professional life is more competitive and fast paced than ever. With around 12 hours of working a day, offices are turning out to be the residence for employees. Even corporate sector has identified the importance of pleasing appearance of the workplace and offices. Besides aesthetic appeal, interior designing of offices is crucial for a positive psychological impact on the employees and management. Employees get the impression that they are cared for.

Design aesthetic is a real extension of one’s personality. It’s approachable, it’s fun, it’s pretty traditional, or classic at a certain level and very modern, and fresh in another point of view. And it’s really just kind of a really strong balance. It’s a very good balance of understanding architecture, environment, location. Interior design or what one does as a more cerebral thing. Sort of a concept of layering and telling a story. There’s a narrative to what one does and generally base it on, whenever it’s possible, on my client or the brand that we’re working with, really kind of tell their story through their interior.

So it’s a direct extension of their life, their lifestyle, and is really about personalisation, and authenticity and having fun.

There are many famous interior designers in India, mostly based in the various cities in the country. Today, given the number of institutes that have come up with courses on interior designing, many of them have long established their forte in this field of study. Institutes like NID, Ahmedabad, Birla Institute of Liberal Arts and and Management Sciences, Kolkata, NIFD and other institutes which have produced many talented interior designers for the country.

Rekha Nambiar is one such name which can be easily found over the web. She is known for her specialisation in eclectic interior work. Currently she exhibits her love for bespoke furniture which she matches with upholstery with faux finish. She also provides pencil perspectives and design consultancies.

Many interior designers do not work alone but in firms, either as partners or as employees and some great names may be found in many such firms scattered throughout the country. Dzinespace is one such interior design firm based in Kolkata. This is formed as a partnership between two interior designers, Sudipta Sinha and Aadeettyon Singh, both alumnis from Jadavpur University and the National Institute of Fashion Technology respectively.

This interior designing firm has been set up in 2007 and they offer their services in designing and decorating of home interiors, electrical, plumbing and furniture works.

Manjeet Bullar is another renowned name, that of a man as well as a successfully run interior designing company based out of Delhi. He is known for his high-end luxurious makeovers of modern homes with an Indian touch of opulence and class. He also specialises in ethnic and antique furniture and remodeling of the same. Conceptual interiors, furnishings, landscaping are the other forte of his company.

These are some of the renowned names in the interior designing profession in India. This is a profession which mostly works in an unorganised manner in India, with young graduates and young entrepreneurs setting up their own professional practices by themselves and maintaining a low key profile to provide competitive rates and solutions to clients. As with experience and success one gains recognition for one’s work in the market, many people rise to join hands and form partnership firms or brands of their own, join big interior designing firms and so on.

Kunal Banerji is a marketing and branding expert.
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