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An arty affair for Delhiites!

 MPost |  2016-01-16 20:52:28.0  |  New Delhi

An arty affair for Delhiites!

Visuals, specifically art and art forms, reflect a lot about life, nature and human emotions that surpass the mere power of expression through words. And when it’s about celebrating art, The India Art Festival, which is a modern and contemporary art fair for arts and artists, is the best option an art lover can ask for. The festival is being held from January 14-17 at National Stadium in the national Capital. 40 art galleries and more than 350 artists are participating from 15 different cities and five countries. 

The Festival had its grand opening for its 1st edition in Delhi where many eminent artists were seen, which was inaugurated by Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, national vice president, BJP, Saryu Doshi and Sharon. Well known artists Arpana Caur, Ramesh Bidhuri (Member of Parliament), Sandeep Marwha and Anurudh Lal General Secretary Delhi Pradesh Congress were the special guests at the VIP opening post inauguration.

The Festival, which has successfully completed five editions at Mumbai and an international edition at World Trade Centre, Seoul, is a successfully-tested model for dialogue and collaborations between art galleries, independent artists, art collectors and connoisseurs. It is five editions old and the institution Kalavishkar that organises India Art Festival is the publisher of Indian contemporary Art Journal, a decade-old quarterly art magazine which has gained credibility in the country. India Art Festival is mainly aimed at the mid-level galleries who would like to get their value for a moderate expenditure, with some participation from major galleries as well. 

According to Art Festival Director Rajendra, “India Art Festival has a social and cultural responsibility and so it is pertinent to take it to various cities in India. So, the Delhi edition opens with an unbiased approach. While the India Art Festival is the flagship brand, all the artists and the participating galleries become its ambassadors”. There was a time when the works of the masters were available only with the mainstream galleries. But today, medium to small level galleries and several other secondary market operators deal with the works of the masters. That means the market has literally opened up”.

The effort of the India Art Festival is to create large galleries set in Mumbai and Delhi and showcase every year the artworks of the galleries and independent artists who look for exhibition spaces. Some of the participating Art Galleries include Anyahh Art Gallery, Art Konsult, Artsy.com, Galerie Art Eterne, Gallery Pioneer, etc fom Delhi; Artequest Art Gallery, Cymroza Art Gallery, Kanakia Art Foundation, Studio 3 from Mumbai; Indian Art Place, Gallerie Splash, and Uchaan from Gurgaon and Charvi Art Gallery, Grune Elefant Art, Galerie Sara Arakkal from Bangalore and many more galleries across India.

Galleries from overseas include: Kirsanov Photography, Zug, Switzerland; Gnani Arts, Singapore; Myanmar Ink Art Gallery, Dubai; and Segar Gallery, Colombo.



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