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An arty affair

An arty affair
The four-day long art festival over the years has emerged as one of South Asia's leading art affairs with the art works display varying from painting, sculptures, digital art, photography installations to performance art. It was interesting to see that apart from the classics, abstract aesthetics and pop culture have paved their way in to this fair.

Photography, video installations and mixed media were an integral part of the fair this year. So, In an attempt to incorporate all these forms, the contemporary artist duo Tagra and Thukral conducted an art-walk  with the partnership of Le Meridien at the fair. They initiated with the series of black and white photographs by Dayanita Sharma titled File Room, LN Tallur's Path finder-II which was an installation of an middle-aged man sitting in front of a moving tire with his hand raised which seemingly raised the question of mid-life crisis. Walk also included My Grave by Riyas which interestingly displayed pictures installed on a box-like structure and had a video presentation  which featured Naseeruddin Shah.  The final art installation was Princess Pea who seemed like a character out of a cartoon series, Princess Pea with her lovely button eyes plays a fantasy in real life. This satire on how humans view bodies is a throwback on the idea of perfection. The art-walk included Tagra and Thukral's piece of work too, a circular structure on which flying objects were painted which for the duo represented dream and nostalgia.

Thukral and Tagra are a part of LM100, a Le Meridien group of cultural innovators of mixed generations and interdisciplinary artistic fields, chosen from the fields of art, architecture, cuisine, and design by Le Méridien’s Cultural Curator.
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