Amjad Ali Khan, sons emphasise on children’s education

Amjad Ali Khan, sons emphasise on children’s  education
Sarod maestro Amjad Ali Khan and his sons Amaan Ali Bangash and Ayaan Ali Bangash have tied up with the RP Sanjiv Goenka Group music label Saregama for Children's Day celebrations on November 14. It is for the empowerment of young minds.

The video, produced by Saregama India Ltd, was shot in Purana Qila here. It will be launched on Children's Day with an instrumental reinterpretation of the iconic children's song ‘Hum honge kamyab’.  The video will feature the three musicians fusing sarod with the iconic song. 

“Through this video, we want to highlight the importance of education for children as they are this country's hope for a bright future,” said Vikram Mehra, Managing Director of Saregama, in a statement.

Amjad Ali Khan believes that music is a precious gift of God.

“Like flowers, colour, fragrance, water, fire, and air, musical notes do not belong to any religion. India is like a beautiful bouquet of flowers with so many colours around. We have various kinds of religions, traditions and systems. It is so diverse,” he said.

“We must always realise that in spite of many religions and castes, we all depend on each other. The realisation of dependence is our greatest strength and power. The whole world admires India because of its diversity and unity. Let's think about the future of our children so that they live in a better world,” he added.

Amaan said the song emphasises on all of us working together to recreate, and be soulfully motivated, by his enthralling symphony of truth, love, non-violence and peace. 

“Seeing the very sad situation of the world, our mission statement regarding the project is the fundamental contribution which Mahatma Gandhi made, and which we greatly admire, is to give primacy to truth and reason rather than conformity to traditional religious practices,” said Ayaan.

“Gandhi's enlightened patriotism and nationalism are what the world greatly need today to recall, and wholeheartedly adopt, if they are to rid themselves of the evils of communal massacres and terrorism of various brands which plague them in various parts at present. We all need to make our respective contributions to this. We shall overcome,” he added. 


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