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Amity ignites Northeast in the Capital

Amity ignites Northeast in the Capital
The Northeastern community in Delhi seems to be in no mood to let Dana Sangma’s death be forgotten easily. Amity University has come in the line of fire for its alleged role in Sangma’s death.

Tuesday morning saw Amity students coming together with other Northeastern residents from the National Capital Region at the college premises to protest against the death of Dana, who was the niece of Meghalaya chief minister Mukul Sangma. They argued that Dana was forced to commit suicide. They alleged that she was discriminated against and harassed to such an extent  that she was forced to kill herself.

The anger was not only directed at the university officials, who claimed that they played no role in her suicide, but also at the general feeling of discrimination for people from the Northeast.

Many students from the University of Delhi joined the Amity students. They carried banners and raised slogans. The banners read ‘We need Justice’, ‘Amity, bring justice to Dana’, ‘Dana was abetted to commit suicide’, etc.

The agitated protesters were calmed down by the Gurgaon police. However, the police are aware that the issue will come up again, said a senior police officer.

Sangma was accused of cheating with the help of her mobile phone in an examination. The invigilator and the controller of examination found a cell phone in her possession. A student, who was in the same examination hall, said that she was simply writing her paper.

‘Dana was a bright student who scored well in her exams. She was very sophisticated. She could not have cheated in the examination. The use of mobile phone in any exam is prohibited. That was the only mistake that she committed,’ said the student who was in the same hall.

The college authorities have washed their hands off her suicide and have said that it is not their fault. Till now, no action has been taken against the invigilator or the authorities.

Sangma’s family alleged that she had spoken to them about the discrimination she faced for hailing from the Northeast. She had also told them that other students from the region faced it and often complained about it, though their complaints were not heard.
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