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American scholar ‘demolishes’ migrant Aryans theory

On Monday, the campus buzzed with the presence of known Hindutva votary David Frawley, who was hosted by the Sanskrit Department of the university, where he delivered the inaugural lecture on the series ‘Aryan project’ on the indigeneity of the ‘race’.

Frawley, who works closely with Hindusim Today, a magazine published from United States of America asserted that Aryans were indigenous people and the Vedic references have been misinterpreted. David Frawley is currently in country to attend World Hindu Congress, which has been organised with the purpose of bringing together divergent Hindu groups under one umbrella by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

Incidentally, the currently accepted line that the inhabitants of Harappan culture were original occupants of the river valleys and that the Aryans were invaders who came from the west, has evolved in the history department of the same university under the stewardship of luminary professors of Ancient India like Ram Sharan Sharma and DN Jha, among others.    

‘In all the  theories that we have read over the last 40 years, they suggest that westerns adopted divide and rule technique. All the fuss that Aryans are not indigenous has been a part of the same. Since Indian society is diverse, so it is easy to spread all this. Aryans were whites and hated black people, such thing is not depicted by any evidence available,’ said Ramesh C. Bhardwaj, Head of Department of Sanskrit, at the University.

Elaborating on the same, he further said: ‘Being Sanskrit scholars, it is our duty to interpret according to our Vedas. Scholars these days go too much into western knowledge, which is destroying emotional unity of the country.’ Bhardwaj said the department would conduct at least seven lectures. ‘We will use textual evidence, archaeological evidences, linguistics, comparative religion, comparative folk literature and genetic mapping. We will organise seminars, workshops and talks. We will compile all the evidence’, he said.

But the department is facing funds shortage for the same and will soon approach the Indian Council for Historical Research (ICHR) for conducting further research.

‘We have some funds collected through our association Sanskrit Shodh Parishad but that is not enough. We will write to the university and to the ICHR for more funds,’ said Bhardwaj.
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