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Amateur is the new professional!

Amateur is the new professional!
Canon and Nikon are two companies that have given cameras in each hand. When there is access to the technology, usually two things happen. One - professionals become insecure and two - one is no longer sure of skills that once defined the sanctity of a professional.

An international celebration of amateur photography, NiceFoto, was put up at the Indian Habitat Centre by the Delhi photography Club or DPC as they call themselves. An exhibition of around 150 photographs from around the world by people who consider themselves recreational photographers beautifully coloured the walls of Open Palm Court. The two points we made earlier were reiterated by ace photographers and the many amateurs who spoke to us.

VP Singh, a young-at-heart photographer, who has been best friends with his camera since the 70s told us some very interesting facts. It is said that if you can’t explain something simply, you haven’t understood it well enough. And here was this man who knew his concepts by heart. Megapixel is a concept that is never ever understood by the man who clicks pictures with his Digicam. The common myth of a ‘better’ camera with larger megapixels was broken. He spoke at length about how the access to equipments has actually made people non-serious about the know-how of photography.

With digital, the art of framing a picture in the mind and just clicking one final shot in one go has vanished completely.

Others we spoke to were Jai Rathore, Sachin Arora, Manish, Shweta Shekhawat and Aman Agarwal. All amateurs. But a look at their completely unedited pictures makes one doubt that for a while.

There were many things common among the things they shared with us. One, the equipment is not important at all. It is merely a mechanism. Two, ‘I had to wait for so long to get this shot’. Waiting, patience and a passion to go back to the same place again and again is what it takes to make one perfect picture. Three, though sharing is caring, they hate how Facebook ruins the quality of the pictures.

We loved the pictures and we suggest you give them a dekko too! Head over.
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