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All things Jazz

All things Jazz
As part of its ongoing 25 anniversary show titled Drawing 2014, Gallery Espace presents a Jazz Performance by Thärichens Tentett, a 10-member German Jazz band that will be held at IGNCA on 27 November.

The event has been organised in collaboration with Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, SPIC MACAY and Indira Gandhi Centre for the Arts (IGNCA). Passes are available at Max Mueller Bhavan, KG Marg and at Gallery Espace, Community Centre, New Friends Colony in the Capital.

Thärichens Tentett delivers the most felicitous compositions, the most polished arrangements, as well as the most humorous presentation of all larger German jazz groups.

Nicolai Thärichen’s playing has never been foreseeable or even predictable. And especially, not when it is a question of his band Thärichens Tentett. With the fifth album since the founding of the group in 1999, he enjoys mocking all rules of the jazz police. And he engages in outrageous things, which he calls ‘German jazz art songs’.

Thärichen and his band also knows that the result remains far removed from academic lyric and jazz.  Nicolai Thärichen still succeeds again in outdoing himself: from the bell-clear voice of an angel to bristling, mocking condescension – a cosmos of sounds rings out.
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