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All the right notes

All the right notes

You will remember him for Main koi aisa geet gayun from Yes Boss, for Ole ole from Yeh Dillagi, Suno na Suno na from Chalte Chalte and the list goes on. Abhijeet Bhattacharya is no fresher to the Bollywood playback industry. While the big bad world of showbiz panders to an audience that enjoys songs that no longer have great lyrics or melody, Bhattacharya is making inroads into a better world of melodious songs and good lyrics with his second personal album AB.

And if that is not reason enough for you to check out the album, here’s another - the album comes with an animated music video! It is believed to be the costliest music video that has been made because as Bhattacharya points out, it is very tough to animate a song that is romantic, melodious and lyrical. But then when you set your mind to it, there can be no stopping you! The promos of the first song Pankhudi ki Palki is out and by the looks of it, we can’t wait for the whole song!

‘I consider it my moral responsibility to deliver good music to my fans,’ says Bhattacharya adding that he has always been related to good songs that are forever on any music lovers’ playlist and he won’t change that for anything. ‘This is for those people who are tired of item songs and meaningless lyrics,’ he says giving his lyricist Sameer credit where it is due. 

‘I am aware of people’s expectations,’ says the singer as he explains why he doesn’t want to experiment with his music. 

‘I am happy with what I have delivered to my audience, the hard core music lovers, and I will continue to deliver just that! I have a limited set of audience but they have a very good sense of music and they have good ears, and that is what matters,’ says Bhattacharya. 

His latest album has nine songs including a track you can sing along with. Bhattacharya’s last album Tere Bina is something music lovers still swear by and we are pretty sure that this new one will be no different. 

‘People look forward to my songs and not the movie,’ says Bhattacharya whose last Bollywood song was Dil ka jo haal hai for Ranbir Kapoor’s movie Besharam. ‘Some singers are better as playback singers and some also succeed when they release personal albums. People should like you as a singer to make your album work,’  my success is not limited to my Bollywood work. My personal albums - Aashiqui and Tere Bina have done very very well,’ he adds and there you have it - the success formula for a good album! He goes on to explain why some  playback singers in Bollywood who made their own albums did not succeed because they never managed to make a lasting impression with their audience. Bhattacharya is dedicated to the cause of delivering just what his audience wants - a great song with great music and very good lyrics. Music to our ears! 

So is he open to more Bollywood work? ‘Definitely,’ says Bhattacharya adding that if there is a track made that can only be done justice to by a singer like him, he is more than ready to do it.

Nowadays there are so many singers who get called in all at the same time to cover for a track, they don’t even know if their vocals will finally be used or not or even if the song will work. It has become like a music director says “Jo bhi hai bula lo” and a number of people get called in for recording. I don’t like working like that. When I sing for a track, that song lasts forever, it becomes immortal. People remember the song and they remember me longer than they remember the movie,’ says the man. 

The next time you hum Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’s  Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Mein - you will have to admit that he’s right! 

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