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All six terrorists dead, Parrikar admits to 'some gaps'

Addressing a news conference after a visit to the forward base, he said the terrorists were neutralised in an operation that lasted for more than 36 hours since 3.30 AM on Saturday but combing operations are still on.

"There is no suspected terrorist inside right now (still) I will not give a negative report till the combing operations are over. The combing operations may be over by tomorrow," he said in reply to questions.

Parrikar announced that all those seven security personnel killed during the attack will be treated as martyrs that will entitle them to all the benefits available to "battle casualty" like in war-like situation.

He said the terrorists were carrying 40-50 kgs of bullets, mortars, which were fired from modified Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher besides some magazines.

Replying to questions, he said "I see some gaps. But I do not think there is any compromise on security". Once the investigations are over, things will become clear, he said, adding every security detail cannot be discussed and keep something for investigation.

Parrikar said that he was worried as to how the terrorists had managed to come inside the base which has a perimeter of 24 kms and located in an area of about 2,000 acres.

Asked about the Pakistani connection, he said there are indications that some of these equipment are made in Pakistan.

Parrikar said except the Garud commando, no one else was killed in direct operation.

"Five Defence Securiuty Corps personnel died because more of a bad luck. One of them Jagdish Chandra virtually grappled with the terrorist before killing him," he said hailing them as martyrs who made their supreme sacrifice.
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