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All our schemes meant for poor: Modi

All our schemes meant for poor: Modi
As Congress held a rally here to attack him, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today projected his government as pro-poor and pro-farmer by listing out a host of schemes and lashed out at "perverted" critics for their "congenital habit" of working against BJP.

Addressing party MPs here, he dwelt at length about the measures taken for the "benefit" of the poor and the farmers and asked them to highlight this while making a contrast between his government and the previous ones on the similar lines as 'black and white' and 'colour' in the TV world.

"How much lie is being spread! But you should have trust in people and tell them confidently about our programmes, talk heart-to-heart and they will laud you," he said, slamming those who criticise his government because of "congenital habit" of working against BJP.

To buttress his assertion about being pro-poor and pro-farmer, a combative Modi, who is accused of being pro-corporate, listed schemes like making toilets, pension, 'beti bachao, beti padao' (save girl, educate girl) and housing-for-all besides the "bold" decision to relax the criteria for rainfall-hit farmers to get compensation which has been increased.

In the context of education for girls, he specifically mentioned muslims, saying they are the most deprived and "the country cannot progress if daughters of our muslim families remain uneducated". Similar is the case with dalits, OBCs and tribals, he said.

He also talked about efforts to curb corruption in NREGA, direct transfer of subsidies and Jandhan scheme for the poor.

To counter those attacking him, Modi asked how these programmes could be meant for the rich.

"We are working to provide house to everybody. Who are the people who do not have a house? Who will benefit from it? Rich? Are we doing it for owner of some TV channel or newspaper? Are we going to build a house for Mukesh Ambani? Who are those people who don't have houses," he said.

Talking about his initiative for constructing toilets, Modi again questioned whether it could be meant for the rich.

Referring to 'beti bachao, beti padhao' scheme, he posed to his critics, "can this be for the daughters of IAS officers or MPs. Who is uneducated? In this country, daughters of minorities are the most uneducated."

In his hour-long speech, Modi said, "All decisions I am taking are for the welfare of the poor... We are working for the poor, not for being in news but because we cannot sleep peacefully if we don't do it. We live for the poor. We are in public life not to enjoy the power but for the welfare of the poor." 


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