‘All good films court CONTROVERSY’

‘All good films court CONTROVERSY’
You play the role of a sex worker in Suman Mukhopadhyay’s film, Kangal Malsat? What was the character like and was it really controversial?

I play the role of Kali, a sex worker from Kalighat, a red light area in South Kolkata. Kali is a bindaas character who does not blink an eyelid before using expletives in her conversations. My costume is also very different from the rest of my films - I wear a blouse and petticoat and a gamchha throughout. I really enjoyed playing Kali because not she is not a proper girl and I always end up playing the typical journo in film after film (
Ranjana Ami Ar Ashbona, Bedroom
). I’m unaware of any other political message in the plot since my role is not concerned with that bit. Also, I feel that all good films end up in some sort of controversy and not necessarily of the bad kind.

Are you the excited about your third Byomkesh Bakshi film, which is going to the floors soon?

Of course. I play the role of Byomkesh’s wife Satyabati, who is seen to be coming of age from the second film. She is now actively involved in solving the mystery and is maturing as a person. A lot of domestic life of the couple will be shown in the film. Also, by now, I have a nice working relationship with Anjanda, who was also my co-actor in Ranjana Ami Ar Ashbona.

What has working with Anjan Dutt been like?

Since this is the third detective film directed by him, I can now relax. He has his unique style of tutoring his actors...every evening, after the pack up, we would watch world cinema (films by Felini, Mrinal Sen or Ang Lee)and heated discussions and debates would follow. Also, when Anjanda would read the script, you could learn a lot, if you listened attentively. Then there were some difficult shots where Anjanda would himself enact the scene and show you how to do it. There was one shot where I was required to hug Abir and it was just not coming to both of us. Anjanda made it look so simple.

You have played some bold scenes on Bedroom...Are you looking at these kind of roles too?

I don’t mind shedding inhibitions on screen. If the script demands it, I don’t mind sporting bold costumes or doing intimate scenes. In fact, I had a smooching scene with Rudranil (Ghosh) in Bedroom.

Any heroines you admire?

Suchitra Sen, Supriya Devi and of course Rupa Ganguly. I also love Tabu’s style of acting.

Are you looking at Bollywood?

Yes, I’m looking at interesting Bollywood projects but haven’t signed anything really.
Nandini Guha

Nandini Guha

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