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Akira: The fearless girl

Journey of Akira from Rajasthan to Mumbai begins with breaking the age-long system by choosing karate over khatak.  

Since childhood she learns to stand up against violence and this brings her in an intricate plot showing that if you are with truth then you will have to suffer. 

Akira’s story is narrated by the voiceover of Konkana Sen Sharma who introduces  Akira as ‘the fearless one’. Konkana Sen Sharma, plays the role of an honest police officer but feels herself tied up before the law at last. 

Konkana Sen is impressive with her acting as she plays the role of a pregnant lady who is more faithful towards her duty. Konkana Sen doesn’t have a long screen appearance but her performance is noteworthy. 

The story of Akira from remand room to the mental asylum shows the journey of a girl who lives on her strength. Fighting from acid throwing bullies to bunch of corrupt cops, shows the potential of a girl which Akira has in her fearless character suppressing the male-dominated society. 

During a protest by college students against police who slap their professor we find Akira seated alone in the middle of the road when the crowd disperses, this scene shows her determination to fight against violence.  

Anurag Kashyap who plays the role of vicious ACP Rane, has brilliantly portrayed his role. ACP Rane and his partners kill a half dead body for money and make a plan to get away with this case. 

Somehow, Akira gets involved into the case and this brings her into a tough situation. She alone comes out from this situation but what is not impressive is the ending where the corrupt cops do not get punishment and Akira has to suffer for the sake of thousands of people. 

In this movie Sonakshi Sinha came out from a pretty girl to Akira, which means graceful strength in Sanskrit.  With her stunts and punches she successfully displayed this name.  

Sonakshi’s acting is quite good but she is more impactful by her actions. Director AR Murudagoss directed the movie very well with his focus to highlight women empowerment.

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