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Akhtar used Indian women to honeytrap Army personnel, claim sources

Mehmood Akhtar, Visa Officer in Pakistan High Commission in the national Capital, was exploiting Indian women and using them as honeytrap to contact Army personnel including retired officers, sources said.

After Akhtar’s detention, it was learnt that Indians who used to visit Pakistan High Commission for Visa, he along with his agents used to lure them. Akhtar specifically targeted Indian women on pretext of getting them jobs and later used them to spy. 

“These women, who are yet to be identified, were asked to develop closeness with targeted Army personnel who were chosen by the agents. These agents were in direct touch with Akhtar and they used to provide details of their movements, call detail records and other necessary personal information. 

After they were chosen as the target by Akhtar, these women were used to honeytrap via social networking sites,” source said. The targets range from a lower rank to senior officers in the Indian Army and the BSF. After they were honeytrapped, confidential information were accessed by the women that was later shared with Akhtar, who passed them on to ISI and Pak High Commission officers, source added.

The source also added that after targeting northern India, Pakistan has allegedly started to focus on attacking India’s western border. Using Indian spying agents, the ISI has gathered substantial data related to all important defence establishments in Rajasthan and Gujarat. After trying for months, the ISI has managed to acquire data of officers posted in these two states.

During interrogation, it was learnt that Akhtar was using a forged Indian AADHAR card by the name of Mehboob Rajput and claimed that his residence was in Chandni Chowk. After he was nabbed, he identified himself as Rajput, but after sensing that he could be arrested, he introduced himself as Pakistan High Commission officer for diplomatic immunity.

Sources also claimed that few names of officers in Pakistan High Commission in the city have also cropped up. “Further investigation is underway,” senior police official said. 
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