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Air India drums up festive beats at pandals to usher in Puja

Air India, this year, has added a new dimension to the festive fervor triggered by the Durga Puja in Kolkata. Specially designed promotions with Air India’s evergreen mascot Maharajah-immaculately clad in dhoti kurta drumming up the festive beats to usher in the Puja gaiety is seen in abundance from the specially designed Bengali in-flight food tray served during the Puja days, billboards in vantage locations, cut-outs at Air India’s airport counters, booking offices as well as at the major puja pandals and media promotions. 

The most striking sight, perhaps, is that of the dhakis playing the dhaks at pandals in tandem with Air India’s Maharajah printed on their shirts. “The imaginative and innovative promotional initiatives underline our sincere efforts to win passengers hearts though impeccable service and the emotional connect,” says Regional Director Eastern Region, Capt. Rohit Bhasin.

A popular promotional unfolded by Air India this time shows a plush new Boeing just landed with Devi Durga and her children Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kartick, Ganesha scampering along the red carpet rolled out from the stepladder ushered in by the Maharajah drumming up a welcome beat with the theme saying “Feel The Festive Beats With The Maharajah”. 

“After all, Air India has been connecting homes and hearts for over 80 decades- and the emotional bond our airline has with passengers is undeniable,” said Air India’s Kolkata spokesperson Mr Sameek Bhattacharya.

Tie-up with major Puja organisers, like the Ballygunge Cultural Association and a few housing complexes is possibly a first for Air India to establish its bond with passengers and fly straight into the hearts of people. 

Brand association with popular cultural events is also something new that is enhancing Air India’s brand amongst people in general. Besides, like every year, Air India passengers will have a culinary expedition of lip-smacking Bengali cuisine as the airline will offer traditional Bengali dishes from its 5-star flight kitchen during the Puja days.

Popular like Dhakai murgi, bhapa mach, bhetki maachher paturi, chicken dakbungalow, mutton kasha,  potoler dolma, phulkopi karaishuti kosha, eachorer kofta, chhanar kalia, mochar ghonto, dhokar dalna, basanti pulao, ghee bhat, moong mohon dal, radhaballavi, hinger kochuri, jhinge posto, Mishti Doi, rajbhog, langcha, rosogolla will be on offer for lunch or dinner.

Traditional Bengali snacks including maangsher chop or cutlet, keema, karaishuti  or hinger kachuri, phulkopir shingara, chats like aloo kabli, narkel diye ghoogni, mochar cutlet, aam ada chop, mangsher singara, ghoogni, sitabhog, mihidana, chhana pora, shankh sandesh, darbesh for breakfast or hi-tea – Air India will extend the puja flavour to its passengers through the very best of Bengali cuisine in its flights from Kolkata to the metros and international destinations. 

This princely feast will be served on a tray decked up with traditional banana leaf mats with a specially designed menu card depicting the Maharajah playing the dhak, highlighting the Puja theme.
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