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AIIMS conference brings out ill effects of antibiotics

AIIMS conference brings out ill effects of antibiotics
Citing concerns on increase in cases of resistance of microbes against antibiotic drugs and its adverse effects on health, November 16-22 is observed as antibiotic awareness week by WHO. This is done in order to increase the knowledge of safe usage of antibiotics by patients as well as medical practitioners.

Speaking on the topic at a conference organised at Jawaharlal Nehru Auditorium in AIIMS, Dr M C Mishra, director, AIIMS said: “Even though the usage of antibiotics in the past has resulted in improving human lives, the challenge now lies in the abuse, overuse and the misuse of antibiotics related drugs”.     

Dr Gandhara of Centre for Disease Dynamics Economics and Policy (CDDEP) stated: “Antibiotics function only for bacteria related ailments but many make the mistake of using it for virus related issues like the common cold, flu, ear and sinus related infections and most commonly in cases of bronchitis.” Many medical experts at the conference emphasised on the importance of cleanliness and innovation to prevent harmful effects of antibiotics resistant microbes. 

Citing the CDDEP data which stated that North India has the maximum users of antibiotics the doctors present at the conference also criticised many in their own fraternity as well as the patients due to of their inappropriate usage of antibiotic drugs.
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