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Agni-IV: Equipped and ready to strike

DRDO developed, 4000 kms range Nuclear Capable Ballistic Missile AGNI-IV, was successfully flight tested from Wheeler’s Island around 11:35 am on Wednesday. This long range missile propelled by composite rocket motor technology, was tested for its full capability.

The vehicle, launched from the road mobile launcher, reached the pre-defined target in about 20 minutes.  The missile equipped with state of the art Avionics, 5th generation on board computer and with distributed architecture has the latest features to correct and guide for inflight disturbances.

The most accurate Ring Laser Gyro based Inertial Navigation System (RINS) and supported by highly reliable redundant Micro Navigation System (MINGS), ensured the vehicle reach the target within two digit accuracy.  The re-entry heat shield withstood temperatures of more than 3000 degree centigrade and made sure the avionics function normally with inside temperature less than 50 degree centigrade.

All Electro-Optical Tracking systems (EOTS), Radars located all along the coast have tracked and monitored all the parameters throughout the flight.  Two ships located near the target point tracked the vehicle and witnessed the final event. DRDO officers were also on board to witness it.

Defence Minister AK Antony congratulated all scientists of DRDO for the successful flight test.
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