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After US spying activities, MHA mulls fullproof cyber security

After US spying activities, MHA mulls fullproof cyber security
The ministry of home affairs (MHA), in a closed door meeting with the officials of National Security Council (NSC) and Information Technology ministry, on Thursday has decided to ensure a fullproof cyber security in the midst of US National Security Agency’s (NSA) audacious spying activities on six political parties across the globe including BJP.

Sources said the meeting was convened after being instructed by the prime minister Narendra Modi who expressed concern over the present status of cyber security in most of the government establishments, including ministry of defence, department of atomic energy and space.
It was learnt that all the ministries, security, business establishments were asked to submit a report to MHA on their proposal on up-gradation of software as a preventive measures. They were also asked to replace outdated softwares and advised not to send sensitive data or information through their personal email IDs.

‘Some of the key ministries have already started working on changing their outdated software. Not the least the NSC has also suggested the MHA to work on a punitive draft for the service providers of mobile phones of all the ministers and important bureaucrats to prevent illegal tapping,’ MHA sources said. The members in the meeting raised need for a separate dedicated wing ‘only for preventing surveillance of external intelligence agencies’ on India. ‘This is required because every day a new device or technology is coming up and we need to deal with the concern. Therefore it was felt that we should have a separate wing on India’s security consists of dedicated team of IT experts and government officials,’ he said.

National Security Adviser (NSA) chief Ajit Doval was asked to supervise the whole process and to submit a report to MHA within a month. The final draft will be sent to PMO for its consideration and execution after the budget session. ‘This is a serious issue and who knows that some of our establishments are still under surveillance by US or other neighboring countries,’ he said.
The MHA swung in to action following reports that over the years, the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court permitted the NSA to spy upon six political parties and 193 countries, including India. The revelations were made in data issued to the media by NSA whistleblower and former US CIA contractor Edward Snowden.

The other five political parties which were under NSA’s surveillance were Amal of Lebanon, the Bolivarian Continental Coordinator of Venezuela, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian National Salvation Front, and the Pakistan People’s Party.
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