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After meow meow, Delhi party-goers get their ‘kick’ from cocoa cocaine

After meow-meow, the party lovers are opting for a sweet high! Cocoa cocaine also known as raw cocoa is becoming a new party drug in Delhi-NCR, says Delhi Police. Several operations are being conducted by Delhi Police to nab the peddlers supplying cocoa cocaine that is mainly being imported in the national Capital.

According to senior officials in Delhi Police who are working in such operations said : “In Delhi-NCR, cocoa cocaine is being offered in rave parties that are mainly organized in day time where alcohol or any other illegal drugs are not served.”

“This drug can be ingested, drunk and even snorted, as it is in powder form. Also,snorting devices are available in these clubs so that the user can inhale in powdered form, much like cocaine. These devices are basically a miniature catapult with spring loaded spoons that fling cocoa powder up your nostrils,” another officer said.

Cocoa contains flavanols which improves blood circulation and cognitive function or say “high vibe”. It also contain certain mood-enhancing compounds such as anandamide and phenylethylamine.

When ingested, it triggers a cascade of amino acids and neurotrasmitters including monoamine oxidase enzyme inhibitors, which allow seratonin and other neurostransmitters to circulate in the brain; theobromine, which stimulates feelings of euphoria and contentment; and phenethylamine, the chemical we produce when we fall in love.

Another official, requesting anonymity said : “Cocoa cocaine is comparatively safer as compared to other synthetic drugs—including anti-depressants—weaken or block the body’s neural pathways, creating dependence. 

However, it uplifts the mood mostly because of the endorphins present in the chocolate. Endorphins trigger dopamine, which fuels your body’s pleasure system. Both endorphins and dopamine are natural neurotransmitters which produce feelings similar to those after an orgasm or a drug high.”

Explaining the attack mechanism of cocoa cocaine,, an official in the narcotics department said: “It first provides a rush of endorphins into your bloodstream which can fuel feelings of euphoria, especially when coupled with dance music. The high amounts of magnesium in cocoa cocaine, magnesium which would relax the muscles, all within 15 minutes or so. This speeds oxygen supply to the muscles, allowing them to make the most of the precious fuel.”

“Under the beats of house, hip-hop, funk and electronic music, this drug heightens the experience. Hence, these days, the sweet high is much in demand,” an officer in Crime Branch said.
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