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Africa quizzing with Alok Vohora

Alok Vohora, is a third generation coffee merchant, born and brought up in Africa. He focuses on bringing speciality and sustainable coffee to market. He builds bridges between rural farmers and the urban consumer, often overseas. He is fluent in several languages and is a keen skiier, diver and golfer. He enjoys travelling to new places and one day would like to visit the Himalayas especially the Anna Purna mountain range. He is passionate about the natural world and in particular conservation of wildlife. His immediate concern is the imminent demise of species such as the Bengal Tiger, Mountain Gorillas, the Elephant and Rhinos due to poaching caused by demand in the Far East for potions. He asks ‘at what cost is the pursuit of modernity?’

Q1 Whats is the most expensive coffee in the world?
A. Indian Monsoon Malabar
B. Kenya AA
C. Kopi Luwak
D. Jamaica Blue Mountian

Q2 What coffee grows at highest altitutde?
A. Arabica
B. Robusta
C. Americano
D. Java

Q3 Whats is rarest ingredient that makes the best espresso coffee in the world
A. Starbucks
B. Coffee Days
C. Costa
D. Coorg Robusta

Q4 Whats is the most famous Indian coffee?
A. Chai
B. Monsoon Malabaar
C. Kawaha
D. Kopi

Q5 Where did coffee orginate?
A. Colombia
B. Ethiopia
C. Italy

Q6 How many kilos does an average coffee tree produce?
A. 1kg
B. 2kg
C. 5kg
D. 10kg

Q7 What colour is a coffee cherry at the point of harvest?
A. Green
B. White
C. Red
D. Black

Q8 What is a Machhiato?
A. Caffetiere coffee
B. Raw coffee
C. Espresso with Milk
D. Espresso

Q9 What was oldest coffee shop in India?
A. Coffee Days
B. Indian Coffee House at Mohan Singh Place in Connaught Place
C. Costa
D. German Bakery Goa

Q10 Does a coffee tree produce a flower? If so what colour?
A. No
B. white
C. Red
D. Yes

Ans. 1. Jamaica Blue Mountian, 2. Arabica, 3. Coorg Robusta, 4. Monsoon Malabaar, 5. Ethiopia, 6. 2kg, 7. Red, 8. Espresso with Milk, 9.
Indian coffee house, 10. white
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