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Advani rakes up Nehru, Patel differences

In his latest blog post, Advani refers to a book by Balraj Krishna, a journalist, titled India’s Bismarck: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’.

‘In a democratic set-up, Cabinet sanction was essential for police action. Patel faced a formidable task in overcoming Nehru’s reluctance. At one of the meetings of the defence committee, of which Nehru was the chairman, there was so much bitterness that Sardar Patel walked out,’ Advani said, quoting from the book.

The then home secretary VP Menon later told a Rotary meeting that when he saw the Home Minister’s seat vacant, he too walked out of the Cabinet meeting after five minutes, the BJP leader said, reading from the book.

‘This seemed to have shaken Nehru out of his complacent mood and mellowed his opposition. Later, at a meeting attended by the Governor General (Rajagopalachari), the prime minister, the home minister (Patel), and secretary to the state’s ministry (Menon), it was decided to order troops into Hyderabad,’ he said, citing excerpts from the book.
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