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Advani must be at the ‘helm of affairs’, Shatrughan Sinha says

A day after Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan hailed L K Advani as BJP’s supreme leader, another voice of support for the party patriarch came on Tuesday when Shatrughan Sinha described him as the ‘most seasoned and mature’ leader who must be at the ‘helm of affairs’. Sinha also appeared to lend his support to murmurs of discontent in the party over projection of the Gujarat chief minister as possible prime ministerial candidate saying if it was done through parliamentary board ‘it would be great’.

‘I still maintain that Narendra Modi, though he is very popular...the kind of hype that has been created thanks to media and thanks to all of us, he has been very successful’.  ‘If he has been projected as prime minister after parliamentary board meeting, it would be a great thing. But the rider (is) that from our point of view Advani sahab must be at the helm of affairs,’ the MP from Patna Sahib told reporters.

Asked whether Advani should be in the race for prime ministerial candidate, Sinha said, ‘there could not be a better person than him in terms of statesmanship’. He said Advani was a statesman. ‘He is the most seasoned, most mature person and to me he has always been the ultimate leader’.
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