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Advanced prosthetic hand with powered thumb rotation launched

In a remarkable breakthrough in prosthetic technology scientists have developed a new prosthetic i-limb™. The i-limb ultra revolution, featuring a powered rotating thumb, 24 grip options and extra sensitive electrodes, is the first upper limb prosthesis that can be controlled through a mobile application.

‘We are pleased to introduce i-limb ultra revolution and the latest biosim mobile control application. The i-limb ultra revolution, with powered thumb rotation and the ability to quickly access multiple grip patterns, offers unparalleled dexterity and control, enabling wearers to more easily perform activities of daily living. It improves their quality of life,’ said Neeraj Saxena, director, P&O International, the manufacturer of i-limb.

Saxena said i-limb would cost around Rs 8-18 lakh.
Dr. BD Athani, special DGHS and medical superintendent at Safdarjung Hospital said, ‘It is indeed heartening to know that the latest in prosthetics from across the world is being introduced in India so that those affected can benefit from it.’

‘i-limb ultra has changed my life in ways more than one. It has restored self-esteem, I feel more confident than earlier,’ said Gyan Singh, a 45-year-old man from Punjab, who was fitted with the prosthetic hand.

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