Adi means the world to me: Ranveer

Adi means  the world  to me: Ranveer
The most befikra banda of Bollywood, Ranveer Singh sporting a classy beard, walked in gracefully along with co-actor Vaani Kapoor into PVR Director’s Cut in the national Capital for an interaction with the media, for their latest film Befikre. 

Ranveer expressed his happiness recalling how nostalgic it was for him to be back in the theatre where he watched Queen and Dil Dhadakne Do. Vaani Kapoor was all praise for Ranveer, “I couldn’t have asked for a better co-actor. Main ‘Shuddh Desi’ ki time se bolti aa rahi thi ki mujhe Ranveer k saath kaam karna hai. As an audience, I just love watching his movies. I am lucky to have this opportunity in my second movie.”

The two actors indulged in a light-hearted banter in between chats cleverly acknowledging each other’s qualities.

“I wanted to train Vaani and wanted her to learn the hard way. I ragged her quite a lot, like the way I used to rag people at school. She is a lovely girl, she has the most wonderful energy. Govinda ji had once told me, “Beta jo hero hota hai na, life me wo dikhta hai screen par, aur usi tarha jo accha insaan hota hai wo dikhta hai screen par.” And that’s Vaani, she is a simple, lovable and good-hearted girl, and that translates onto the screen. I think that will board her well for this illustrious career that she is about to have. (Facing towards Vaani) Mark my words 10 December ko aap ki life badalne wali hai,” said the lead actor of Befikre.

Addressing a query on the similarities between the Befikre trailer and the Hollywood film No Strings Attached, Ranveer said, “It has got nothing to do with No strings attached, it is originally written by Adi sir, I am very proud to say that. God knows, there is a dearth of original writers in Indian Cinema... It is certainly written from the heart and soul of Aditya Chopra. Rom-coms don’t stay Rom-coms in Hindi cinema, what starts off as a rom-com, at some point becomes a love story, with high drama. Befikre is a true blue Hindi romantic comedy, and that is our attempt. Our entire team and especially Adi sir believes that the Indian audience has evolved and it is not necessary for them to get that heavy dose of emotion to fulfil their film watching experience. So this film is light hearted, there is an emotional connect but it is in a balanced degree. Our attempt here is to present the fresh factor of light-heartedness.”

Speaking about people who would like to watch the film, Ranveer said, “The film has a universal appeal, it can be appreciated by people of all ages. What I’d advice is that you must watch this film with someone. It is definitely a youthful film in its essence but it has a traditional heart and soul, very much like Adi sir. He has a modern outlook and a progressive mind but he has got a ‘desi’ heart.”

What kind of love story does Vaani believe in? The kind of love portrayed in DDLJ or in Befikre?

“I believe in Adi Chopra kind of ‘love’. I still feel Befikre has its heart and soul, which I can understand people can’t make out from the trailer since it has intentionally been cut on the surface level. So when you actually watch the movie I hope you all are pleasantly surprised. Adi Chopra’s world of cinema is very different, you will find that essence and soul intact in this movie,” expressed Vaani as munching onto some caramel popcorn Ranveer complimented, “Bacchii badi ho gayi hai!”

“Maine to bohot aish ki hai ‘Befikre’ main, 7 star experience tha. Mujhe to laga main holiday mein hun, picture to by-the-way ban gayi... (laughs) Adi Chopra directs once in 8-10 years and he is the head of the studios, so whenever he decides to make a film production kind of pulls out all the stops. We benefit from that immensely... I had a blast shooting Befikre,” said Ranveer talking about his Befikre experience.

Was it difficult for Vaani to match up to co-star Ranveer’s energy? “I don’t know what battery he operates on... (laughs) It is very difficult to match his energy, it is unique and very infections. He just makes the entire room come alive, no matter what someone’s energy level is, he will end up upping that. I hope someday I can get as energetic as him...”

“Mera aashirvaad tere saath hai puttar!” Mimicked Ranveer to her response.

“On the first day after our first shot, I was like ‘Man this girl has got immense amount of energy, I have to keep up with her,’ because woh newcomer hai na... woh bhookh hoti hai newcomer ki... it is very hard to match up with that. So yes I had to match up with her energy,” said Ranveer.

Talking about the ‘Dare’ song said Ranveer, “Adi sir did tell me in advance that I’m going to have to wear red ‘chaddis’ and walk around, so I hit the gym and started dieting. It was a unique experience and a very creative process where the entire team would brainstorm on what kind of stuff we would do in the ‘Dare’ song. Of course, we had a blast shooting it. Yes the red ‘chaddi’ definitely became a talking point. That the music of the film is being loved by all is huge for us. People especially made it a point to praise the visualisation of the song.”

According to Vaani the most befikra actors in Bollywood are Ranveer Singh, Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra. While for Ranveer, “Not many people know Adi as he is a very private person, but if you do get to know him you’ll find that he is the original befikra.”

When the very private Aditya Chopra, appears in a photograph of Befikre wrap-up, it is not unless something big is in his mind. He had shared two open letters on Befikre recently. His second letter specifically praised Ranveer Singh, and it may be termed as a turning point in the latter’s life.

“Ranveer was in Befikre even before I was” was the heading of the second note from Aditya Chopra who had earlier shared a photograph of himself in the famous SRK pose (spreading his hands out) with the Befikre cast behind him. “Ranveer is Dharam, Dharam is Ranveer. Even before I knew I was going to direct the film I was writing it for Ranveer,” said the note.

Chopra was scared to get exposed without SRK as his lead for the first time! “From the very first day that I directed Ranveer, he was Shahrukh for me,” Ranveer paused to let it sink in after reading out this line. 

With the last sentence of the note, the Befikre actor could hardly remain befiker, “I would not have made Befikre if an actor called Ranveer Singh did not exist.” 

Overcoming his emotions and coping up with the massive praise from Aditya Chopra, an overwhelmed Ranveer needed to be excused so that he could live with it for some time.

“It was probably the most incredible thing anybody has ever said about me. I had a lifelong dream of becoming an actor, and he (Aditya Chopra) fulfilled that dream for me, he made my dream come true. He believed in my talent and ability when nobody else did. He has given me everything and he means the world to me. I feel immense gratitude right now for the way he feels about me,”expressed a grateful Ranveer.
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