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‘Actresses should stick to acting, not singing’

What does music mean to you?
It will sound cliched, but music is my life. More than my profession, its my passion. It is something which defines me and I honestly can't see myself doing anything except for making music and singing.

Where do you derive your inspiration for your versatility in voice?
The main credit goes to the legendary singers I have grown up listening to, from Lata Mangeshkar to Asha Bhonsle to many more. Plus I have been trained in Hindustani classical music from my guru Pandit Sunil Borgaonkar.

Whats your comment on the diminished pop music scene in India?
Its been over a decade, around 15 years that pop muic has vanished form the music scenario. The film industry has majorly taken as the music industry. Sadly now Bollywood has taken over all the independent musicians in terms of money and talent.

What’s Guzzler about?
Guzzler is my own music band consisting of ghazals in a newer format, in a newer genre. After Jagjit Singh’s demise I realised that the ghazals in our country is facing a low down. So I thought of reviving this form of music by combining rock and roll and blues into ghazals which people have accepted as well.

Any plans to launch your own music label or album?
Definitely very soon. Am open to that idea and I will probably come out with in 2014. It will be on behalf of Guzzler with our own original music and creative compositions.

Which of your contemporaries do you admire along with foreign artistes?
In Bollywood, I admire Sunidhi Chauhan and Sonu Nigam a lot. Amongst foreign artistes, I love John Mayer and Sting.

Whats your reaction on Priyanka Chopra featuring in Exotic and In My City without any formal training?
Well she is on a level where she can do whatever she wants. But according to me she is not a music person and neither trained in music. Though her attempt is well appreciated but she is best at acting and she should stick to it only, I feel.

Whats the best and worst part about surviving in Bollywood for singers?
Well the worst part about Bollywood is there is immense competition which is tough and stiff. There are many singers around lurking in the arena who are all true to their art and talented. 
Even in monetary terms the money is less as compared to the industry’s turn out and profits.
The best part I feel is that I came at the right time to explore my singing abilities and hone them. I am lucky to have a chance to work with music directors like Vishal and Shekhar and Salim- Suleiman. The way to reach and approach the right people has become easier than before where they give a chance to showcase your talent. Rest is your hardwork in future.

What are your upcoming projects?
My last project was Gori Tere Pyar Mein where my song Tooh has been well received and quite acclaimed. There are a lot of good projects lined up but right now I can't speak much about them due to contractual boundations.

Any changes you would like to bring about in the music circuit?
The fact that music directors often call too many singers at one point of time for a particular song and will keep taking auditions till they find the perfect match to the song. This trying and testing method doesn’t go well with many singers. Worst so, they trash your voice if it doesn’t suit them. I feel this should change and only one particular singer should be tried at a time.
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