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‘Actors should not get all the credit’

Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor says a lot of people help an actor in delivering a powerful performance but they remain unsung, while the actors walk away with all the accolades.

‘Actors get too much credit. I am sitting here talking about acting, but there is so much that goes behind us. There is a director, writers, cinematographer, lighting, makeup, background music,’ Ranbir said.

Ranbir himself got oodles of accolades for playing deaf and mute fun loving guy in Barfi!, which also won him the best actor Screen Award.

‘(While shooting) I can just sit and the camera moves towards me and there is a sad music playing, that can portray so many emotions, and the audience thinks, ‘Wow what a performance he has given.

‘But at the same time you have that same shot with some happy music playing and audience will say he is internalising his happiness,’ he said.

Touted as next big thing in Bollywood, Ranbir, 30, is shooting for his new movie Besharam with director Abhinav Kashyap.
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