Actors are lost, they don’t have friends: Karan Johar

Actors are lost, they don’t have friends: Karan Johar
Filmmaker Karan Johar feels people from the movie industry are “lost” with the kind of expectations they carry. Johar says since there is “so much else” actors have to deal with, that they usually end up having temporary friendships instead of long standing ones.

“Movie people just don’t have friends. They have so much else to deal with. I find that about film actors particularly, that they don’t have friends. They don’t have a lot of friendships and the ones they have, they are actually seasonal.

“They go from film to film. I’ve been a friend who has been a seasonal friend, I’ve also made some seasonal friends.I do know what that feels like.” 

The Kuch Kuch Hota Hai director says he doesn’t know that due to this film stars are lonely but feels they are definitely lost.

“Everyone’s lost in the film industry. Everyday you are combating expectations, success is always expected of you, there is so much baggage that you carry. There is daily reportage of what you wear, say, or don’t say,” he said. The filmmaker says many industry people are just not equipped to 
carry a relationship.

“I think many of us are unequipped to handle our relationships because of who we are. Sometimes it is because of our intense megalomania, sometimes because we are delusional” he said. Johar hopes one change within the industry should be “the ability to nurture our friendships. We just do not know how to make friends,” he said.

“It is not impossible. Every relationship is difficult. It takes working on (it) and I feel a lot of people from within the industry don’t do that, because it’s all about themselves.

“You cannot make life about yourself. It has to be about the people who surround you, or else you’re going to be irrelevant very soon,” he added.


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