‘Action against leaders working for personal gains’

‘Action against leaders working for personal gains’
Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee on Saturday said that action would be taken against leaders found to be working for personal gains.

On Saturday she met the leaders from Bankura and Purulia districts. 

It may also be mentioned that Banerjee would also meet party leaders on February 12 at Netaji Indoor stadium to discuss strategy for the ensuing Assembly polls.

She gave a seven-day ultimatum to Arup Chakraborty, Zilla Sabadhipati of Bankura and Arup Khan, Sabhadhipatin to bury hatchets and work as a unit. 

“I give both of you seven-day’s time to bury your differences.” Similarly, the MLA from Indus, Gurupada Meta and Rabiul Islam, block president were also told to bury the differences.

She told the leaders that under no circumstances should they consider themselves to be “lathsahebs” adding that “the party is keeping a close tab and slightest aberration will not be tolerated.”

Party MP Mukul Roy told the leaders to work hard for the Assembly elections. 

“We will survive if the party survives, so go to people and work for them. You should tell people about the development work that has been carried out in the past four and a half years.”

Abhishek Banerjee, another party MP said that the party would not tolerate any indiscipline. 

“The leaders should always remember that they are the people’s representatives and should not consider themselves as kings.”

He also urged them to go to the grassroot level and develop intimate contacts with them.
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