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Acting up, going solo

Acting up, going solo
The festival will bring together award winning and extraordinary solo theatre by internationally celebrated artists from the UK like Guy Masterson, Robert Softley and Jaye Griffiths who will entice the audience with their awe inspiring solo acts.

Many of their productions have also been staged at the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The festival will be held over three weeks (9 Oct to 22 Oct) in four cities that is Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai. Going Solo pays homage to one man acts and celebrates the skill of a single artist to hold the audience.

Don’t Wake Me: The Ballad Of Nihal Armstrong, performed by Jaye Grifiiths and directed by Guy Slater, is an intensely dramatic and moving true story of a mother’s tireless battles and inspiring triumphs in her struggle for her Disabled son’s rights. It is a story of severe disability, of battles won against all odds, of struggles, challenges and the frustrations of being misunderstood. But above all, it is a story of a mother-son relationship unlike any other.

In If These Sapsms Could Speak Robert Softley Gale crawls onstage to give us the lowdown on his life and those of others who have a disability. He gently takes us through dealing with his life, his growing up and intersperses this with the views of others. Frequently warm, often comic, it ends up being the most compelling piece of solo drama.

Shylock has always elicited divided opinion. Is he a villain or a victim? Or is he someone even more intriguing. There is no doubt Shylock is hard done by in The Merchant of Venice, but does he bring it on himself? As one of only two Jewish men in the whole of Shakespeare, he has been portrayed in ways which reflected how Jews were popularly viewed - from comic villain in Shakespeare's day to a victim of racial discrimination nowadays. This act, Shylock, is performed by Guy Masterson and directed by Gareth.

WHERE: FICCI Auditorium and Stein Auditorium, IHC
WHEN: Over 9 to 11 October, 7 pm onwards
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